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In each robbery the guy passed a requirement note for the teller, according to police. The Bloggers Association of Kenya (Bake) has come to state that it is' members are in no way responsible for the crisis at chase logon Bank. What you might be missing is the Department of Justice "Operation Chokepoint" that's putting pressure on banks to stop employing "undesirables". We expected banks to possess started the consolidation process in 2012, when minimum capital requirements were increased one billion Kenyan shillings $ten million from 700 million Kenya shillings, but that never happened. The Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation, the receiver managers, also said within those 3 days, yesterday, depositors - who have been allowed to withdraw approximately Sh1 million with their deposits— took away Sh1. Federal prosecutors said the financial institution engaged in systemic discrimination” spanning 36 states and involving over 34,000 minority customers over 5 years.